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Pink October: High school teams raise awareness for breast cancer
Date : October 12, 2012 — High school football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey teams in Massachusetts are helping raise awareness for breast cancer with more than 30 "Pink" games slated around the state as a part of "Coaches vs. Cancer" charitable more
Program highlights Breast Cancer awareness
Date : October 12, 2012 — Freeport, Ill. — In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, FHN held a special program to update women on the latest in health care information Wednesday at the Women’s Diagnostic Center, located at FHN Memorial more
Why breast cancer awareness month is so important
Date : October 11, 2012 — An estimated 23,300 new cases of breast cancer and 4,330 deaths from the disease are expected to occur among California women this year.
Fortunately, the American Cancer Society and the Cancer Support Community Valley/Ventura/Santa Barbara offer continuous support to patients and their loved ones. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month to remind women about the importance of breast more
New breast cancer clues found in gene analysis
Date : September 24, 2012 — The new findings offer hints that one type of breast cancer might be vulnerable to drugs that already work against ovarian cancer. The study appeared online Sunday in the journal Nature. It's the latest example of research into the biological details of tumors, rather than focusing on where cancer arises in the more
Pink Tea to be held for breast cancer awareness
Date : September 24, 2012 — A local event with the goal to get people thinking pink is coming up soon. On Oct. 11, the third annual Pink Tea, organized by the Pink Ribbonettes, will be held at Aiken Technical College. The event celebrates the women who beat breast cancer, remembers those who have passed on, thanks the caregivers and spreads awareness of the disease itself. more
Breast cancer screening saves over 10,000 lives
Date : September 21, 2012 — Though the number of breast cancer cases has been rising, according to statistics, the mortality has not increased thanks to the across-the-board screening.

All women over 45 years have the right to a free mammographic examination every other year. They must have a recommendation from their GPs or more
Charlotte breast cancer survivor: "I cried once I got through it"
Date : September 20, 2012 — "I was laying in bed," she told Anchor Molly Grantham. "And I said, ‘Okay, God. If I'm going to have to go through this, then please help me get through this.'" more
Everyone Has a Cancer Story: This Is Mine
Date : September 20, 2012 — It was the last day of my junior year of college and I was packing up what was left of my dorm room when my Mom told me she had found a lump in her breast. I'll never forget that day and exactly how I felt at the moment I was told. As I stood in the bare hallway on a payphone listening to my mother's voice, she played the protective role of more
Ultrasound Approved to Find Cancer in Dense Breast Tissue
Date : September 19, 2012 — The first ultrasound device designed to help detect cancer in women with dense breasts, who often aren’t diagnosed until they are experiencing more advanced stages of the disease, was approved by U.S. more
Almost all breast cancer patients vitamin D deficient
Date : September 18, 2012 — Tuesday Sept 18, 2012 ( -- A new cases-control study in Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism found almost all breast cancer patients who participated in the small study conducted in Pakistan were vitamin D more
Mammograms May Boost Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women
Date : September 07, 2012 — Young women at high familial risk for breast cancer may see an even greater risk from diagnostic scans that expose them to chest radiation, including mammograms, researchers more
Book on breast cancer launched
Date : September 04, 2012 — Here’s a chance for women to have every question about breast cancer answered, by just flipping a few pages. The book titled ‘All About Breast Cancer’ written by Dr Selvi Radhakrishna was released by Dr M K Mani and the first copy was received by Health Secretary Girija more
Breast cancer memorial walk a great success
Date : September 03, 2012 — Specks of light dotted Papamoa Hills like a twinkling pathway on Friday night when hundreds took part in the breast cancer awareness night walk. Glow-sticks mapped the hilly course while walkers donned headlamps and torches to guide them over the more
Calorie restriction helps prevent breast cancer
Date : September 02, 2012 —( -- Calorie restriction can not only extend a person's lifespan, but also help prevent chronic diseases such as breast cancer, according to a recent review published in Frontier more
Breast cancer: Not just a woman thing
Date : August 26, 2012 — MUMBAI: In the swell of advocacy on breast cancer, a crucial fact trails behind the campaign—it's not only women but men who also develop the disease. The numbers are not as large: only one per cent of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed in men. However, some reports indicate that this statistic is slowly more
Breast Cancer Survivors Walk The 3-Day To Inspire, Support
Date : August 25, 2012 — MAPLEWOOD, Minn. (WCCO) - A sea of pink tents helped brighten up the gray skies in Maplewood. This tent city is part of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day, an event designed to raise money for breast cancer more
Herbal tea may help fight breast cancer
Date : August 25, 2012 — Mayo Clinic reports that breast cancer is the most common cancer which is diagnosed in women in the United States. Although breast cancer can occur in both men and women, it is far more common in women. The National Cancer Institute reports that the estimated new cases of breast cancer in 2012 is 226,870 for women and 2,190 for men. The estimated number of deaths from breast cancer in 2012 is 39,510 for women and 410 for more
Density Of Breasts Does Not Impact Death Among Breast Cancer Patients
Date : August 17, 2012 — Increased mammographic breast density is one of the strongest risk factors for non-familial breast cancer and even though those with elevated mammographic breast density are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, so far is remains unclear whether a higher density suggests a lower survival chances in breast cancer more
Chemo Safe for Breast Cancer in Pregnancy
Date : August 16, 2012 — Breast cancer chemotherapy treatment during pregnancy appears largely safe for both mother and child, an international registry affirmed. Birth defects weren't increased with the second and third trimester exposures recorded in the registry, Sibylle Loibl, MD, of the German Breast Group in Neu-Isenburg, Germany, and colleagues more
Tennis player survives breast cancer to achieve goal
Date : August 14, 2012 — The longest persisting memory Natalie Eggeman has of her teen-age years is of her mother fighting breast cancer. For 13 years, Della Ellis battled the disease and survived long enough to see her first granddaughter's birth and to see Natalie carrying her more
Many Women in the U.S. with Breast Cancer may be NOW eligible for One-Day Treatment
Date : August 13, 2012 — A European cancer center of excellence, Ospedale Borgo Trento in Verona, Italy, recently published a study of 226 women with early-stage breast cancer that received a single dose of Intra-Operative Electron Radiation Therapy more
Sisters reflect on breast cancer battle: 'There were no rainbows'
Date : August 13, 2012 — A year ago, Sheila Wright’s world was turned upside-down by a breast cancer diagnosis. She was 32, the same age her mother was when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. He mother died of the disease two years later when Wright was more
Older, Early-stage Breast cancer Patients Benefit from Radiation After Lumpectomy
Date : August 13, 2012 — The national treatment guidelines in place recommend that older women with early stage, estrogen-positive disease be treated with lumpectomy followed by estrogen blocker therapy alone -- and forgo radiation therapy post-surgery. The findings are published in the journal Cancer. more
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