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How to Detect
How often should a Women have Check-ups?
  • From age 35 self-examine your breasts once every month.
  • From 40, continue self-examinations and have your doctor examine your breasts once a year.
  • From age 50, get a mammogram done every two years. In addition, continue self-examination and check-ups by the doctor.
In the shower
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Raise one arm, with fingers flat, touch every part of each breast, gently feeling for a lump or thickening. Use your right hand to examine your left breast, your left hand for your right breast.
Before the mirror
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With arms at your sides, then raised above your head, look carefully for changes in the size, shape, and contour of each breast. Look for puckering, dimpling or changes in skin texture. Gently squeeze both nipples and look for discharge.
Lying down
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  • Place a towel or pillow under your shoulder and you right hand behind your head. Examine your right breast with your left hand.
  • Finger flat, press gently in small circles, starting at the outermost top edge of your breast and spiraling in towards the nipple. Examine every part of the breast. Repeat with left breast.
  • With your arm resting on a firm surface, use the same circular motion to examine the underarm area, this is breast tissue, too.
This Information is only for Public Awareness. For more details please consult the Doctor.
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